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Dog Racing Software - QuickDog Greyhound Handicapping for US Greyhound Tracks

QuickDog Update Web Page - Please Read Below
(Last Updated on - 06/16/2017 03:48:20 PM )

Recent Updates/Service Packs (Please Bookmark this page):  The latest UPDATE (in RED) contains all the updates of the items listed below it.  If this is your first time downloading QuickDog, you must do so at -

This update page is only for those who already have QuickDog installed.  To download the full product go to:

Latest Updates history - QuickDog Version 2017

06/05/2017 - Version '17 17.6.5 - This update is mandatory.  We've added a "Custom Data Table" feature to the EDIT Menu Bar item.  Install the update, then handicap a race so that the Menu Bar is displayed.  Then click EDIT on the Menu Bar, then on the drop down menu select "Custom Data Tables".  To get the Online User's Guide for this new feature PRESS THE F1 KEYBOARD Key (located near the "1" key on your keyboard).  Remember, you can get to the Online User's guide for any Menu Bar feature selection by selecting that menu item, and then pressing the F1 Button on the keyboard.  You must be online to access the online user's guide.  Page down to get to the update button.

Third Party QuickDog Add-on Product Developers -  Users might be interested in the products at these websites hosted by QuickDog Users who have created additional tools which can be used by QuickDog subscribers. We hereby make it clear that QuickReckoning does not indorse any third party products but we do have license agreements with these site owners.  You can learn more about what is offered by joining in on the QuickDog Forum discussions -

Those Web Sites are -

The web site shown below offers Video training to QuickDog users along with additional Methods -

I wish to encourage all programmers who wish to develop and sell add on products which require QuickDog in order to work to contact me to register/get permission to market, and I can help market those products.  Since we do not test these 3rd party products we can neither recommend their user nor discourage their use.  We can only point you to them and then you can ask questions of the developers.

Mike Groves - Support Manager - QuickReckoning, Inc.

"QuickDog '17 Update Release -  0605 17.6.5

FIREWALLS and some Anti-Virus Software can totally shut down our software and others' software when you update.  If you download this update and the software immediately shuts down, then please disable or reconfigure your firewall or anti-virus software.

All updates include all changes, and you DO NOT have to download all updates, just the latest one, to be up to date!

Make sure before downloading to close all QuickDog windows.    If you found this page on the internet, and you don't have the full QuickDog installed already, and want to try our free 30 day trial,  Click Here to download the full version for trial.


to download the updated program

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